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Translator, Traducteur/Traductrice

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Date of last connection: 2012-04-03
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Miss Ch... Be...
L1T 4E5 Ajax

Prepared job(s): : Translator


School: York University M4N 3M6 Toronto

Education level: 4th year

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +4
Last diploma : Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts, Translation
Current educational level : +4
Prepared job(s): : Translator

Duration of the internship: 4-6 months
Beginning of the internship:
2012-04-26 2012-12-31
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Office, Outlook, HTML, CSS

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
English : Native
French : Fluent
Spanish : Intermediate

Cover letter

As a fourth-year translation student, completing a certificate in Technical and Professional Writing, I have the translation and editing skills needed to fill a student translation position. I will be graduating April 2012 and would like the opportunity to put my skills to use within your organization. I recognize that a translation department often handles critical time-sensitive projects and needs employees who learn and adapt as quickly as new information is received. I am a fast learned who excels in fast-paced environments.
As my résumé shows, I have experience translation and editing in English and French. I translated important updates for a national non-profit organization's bilingual website from French to English, and proofread a company's external correspondance transmitted to their Francophone customers across the country. I also edited English terminology for an online insurance dictionary to ensure it complied with established style guides. In my position as a customer service representative, I use good judgment and analytical thinking when dealing with irate customers calling in with complex issues. I also make regular use of my excellent time management skills by meeting tight project deadlines in a fast-paced call-centre environment, without compromising on quality. My daily interactions with customers and prospective students demonstrate that I have the interpersonal skills needed to work on a team. As a result of my strong communication skills, I was given the responsibility of managing a national non-profit organization's central e-mail inbox. My previous position as a receptionist demanded that I be flexible and autonomous. I developed strong oral communication skills in my position as a York University representative where I gave speeches to large groups of high school students and led daily tours of the campus. I am also familiar with basic web technologies and have worked with HTML and CSS files.
Passionate about learning new things, I would be a meticulous and enthusiastic intern. I believe that my qualifications make me an ideal fit for a student translation position. If you agree, please do not hesitate to contact me.


LANGUAGES•Fluent English and French•Intermediate Spanish
• Translated (English to French) important updates for a national non-profit organization’s bilingual website and the voice recording used on the company’s phone system.
• Proofread a French translation of company correspondence that would be transmitted to the French-speaking customers across the country
• Edited official York University documents translated into French
• Translated numerous specialized medical, environmental, governmental and political texts from French to English and vice-versa.

• Researched possible recruitment techniques and prepared the subsequent written reports for the director of student recruitment at Glendon College, York University
• Managed a national non-profit organization’s central e-mail inbox, which involved responding to an average of 20-30 incoming e-mail inquiries a day from Francophone and Anglophone customers.
• Used clear and concise communication to help French- and English-speaking customers make on-line purchases and navigate the organization’s website
• Represented York University as a student ambassador at the Ontario Universities Fair, using people skills to answer students’ questions, engage their interest and highlight the school’s advantages
• Gave a speech, in French, to a group of 500 high school students, as well as Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages

• Designed webpages using HTML and CSS
• Used Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher to create some of the multimedia used in the recruitment of prospective students, including slide show presentations, booklets and brochures
• Entered and processed purchases using a database
• Assisted with the preparation of a non-profit organization’s most important annual event. Specific tasks included using the mail merge function of Excel and Word to compile the invite lists as well as contacting the invitees to remind them of the event and confirm their attendance
• Studied various information technology management systems.

•Met tight project deadlines in a fast-paced call-centre environment without compromising on quality or efficiency
•Prioritized a list of daily tasks that included answering e-mails, greeting all visitors, processing debit and cash transactions in-person and transferring calls to the appropriate departments

•Student intern, Translation Bureau of Canada, January 2012-Present
•Bilingual Customer Service Representative, Insurance Institute of Canada, April 2010-Present
•Student Representative, York University, September 2008-Present
•Receptionist, Insurance Institute of Ontario, December 2010

•Translation, Specialized Honours Bachelor of Arts, Glendon College-York University, Toronto, 2008-Present
•Certificate in Technical and Professional Writing, Glendon College-York University, Toronto, 2008-Present
•Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Honours Bilingual Diploma, Pickering High School, Ajax, 2008

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